Bypass widening

Do you really think that, if they widen the bypass, you will be able to do the speed limit in the 45 mph zone? The only thing that will happen if there are two lanes is that there will be two people doing 40 mph in front of you, just like on Whiskey Road now.


I noticed that the owner of the junkyard across from Samís has passed away. Can something be done to get rid of those trucks?

Now that the land owner has passed, can the City or County do something about the trucks on Jefferson Davis Highway leading in to Aiken?


U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., needs to go. Please find a candidate you can support in the primary, because he needs to go.


S.C. Sen. Vincent Sheheen, D-Camden, needs to tell people what he can do instead of nitpicking his opponent at every angle.


The Savannah River Site is all washed up. It has served its purpose. It needs to be torn down and cleaned up so Aiken can be nice like it used to be. MOX is a useless waste of money. Nobody wants that around.

School lunches

Why do the schools serve the same lunches all the time?


People complain about their limbs being picked up. I donít understand. I went down Daugherty Road, and there was one pile of limbs to be picked up. Apparently, the other people didnít have any limbs. These people are trying to play the system by cleaning their yards and bringing their limbs out of their own area and then complaining.