Every once in a while, we find a candidate who is extremely well qualified for the office to which they are seeking – and that candidate is Camille Furgiuele. She has announced that she will be a candidate for the Aiken County Council, District 2, replacing the retiring Scott Singer.

Experience counts. Prior to moving to Aiken, Furgiuele had a great deal of experience in local government:

• Chief Financial Officer, Town of Newton, New Jersey

• Town Manager, Newton, New Jersey- responsible for day-to-day operations (150 employees)

• Served on Planning Board, Board of Health, Water & Sewer Utility, and Parking Authority

• Initiated a master plan for roads, recreation and water and sewer facilities

Since moving to Aiken, she has continued to serve as:

• President of the Cedar Creek Property Owners Association, and as President of the Emergency Management Committee

• Member of the Aiken County Transportation Committee

• Member of the Aiken County Planning Commission

In addition to her vast experience, she is a very kind, compassionate person who has always served her constituents well. She gives the phrase, “above and beyond” a new meaning, and will be a great asset to the Aiken County Council.

Mike Lupfer