All about MOX

If you change the plans to build your house, itís going to cost a little more. The government keeps changing its mind. Thatís why MOX is costing so much. Itís not the people at MOX itís the government that keeps changing the plans. Ask them why itís costing so much, not MOX.

Why is Aiken surprised that the MOX facility is being abandoned? Donít you remember the cooling tower? Or Naval fuels? What makes you think MOX was going to be any different.

They need to can this MOX project. The Savannah River Plant is washed up. The Cold War is done. They need to tear it down and make a decent recycling place. Aiken shouldnít be turned into a nuclear waste dump.

Common Core

Common Core de-emphasizes math and science and doesnít teach traditional history. The history has parts left out. The stated goals it to have people ready to work in factories. A middle school took pictures of a sex-ed class lesson. Common Core must be stopped.

Support the police

Here in Aiken we should support our police and Sheriffís Office because they do a good job and we should be proud of them.

Hats off to the sheriff for getting in there and rooting for the guys who protect and save us every day. They put their lives on the line every day. They need to come through for these deputies.

County money

Itís hard for me to believe that the County Administrator made the statement that the new county building promotes a cleaner and friendlier environment for people to conduct their county business. We needed to spend $38 million dollars to have a cleaner building and a friendlier environment? That could have all been done with a better management effort.


I just witnessed two motorcycles driving down Anthony Drive going at least 60 mph. They flew past a Burnettown cop and he didnít even turn around. They canít catch a cold.

Bypass whining

Apparently, some people havenít written about the bypass being 45 all the way rather than being 55 for part of the way. I keep hearing about how slow the traffic is. Quit whining about the traffic going 40 and 45 mph. Itís not going to get you there faster going 55 mph.