U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has not shown to be an economic conservative or a smaller government advocate as an office holder.

His best accolade is he was a key house member in the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton for false testimony in a sexual case. He ran for office in 1994 saying he would only serve four terms. He has been elected to four terms in the House and two terms in the Senate. He has become a life time politician. In election years, he runs on God, flag, motherhood and the hot item of the month (April – exempt S.C. from Obamacare).

In 2006, he supported the McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, which the other GOP Senators were able to stop because it included amnesty and no real border control.

He joined former U.S. Sen. John Kennedy in 2007 on S. 1348, a immigration reform bill, with the same story and result. He was a member of the Gang of Eight on Jan. 28, 2013, which would have given the Democrats what they wanted on immigration – citizenship for illegals. It didn’t pass as a law, but President Barack Obama did his Dream Act.

He was a go-along, get-along as a member of the Gang of Fourteen during the last term of former President George W. Bush’s administration, which resulted in a Democrat favored compromise instead of the nuclear option. U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., chose the nuclear option for the Senate in 2014.

In December 2009, he cosponsored a letter to Obama along with John Kerry and Joe Lieberman to pass a climate change bill, which included regulating the world carbon market as the key of a successful climate change bill. It didn’t become law because Obama’s priority was to pass the Obamacare bill.

Graham doesn’t understand that you can’t cut deals with the mob, Putin or the Obama Administration that will last any longer than it is not to their advantage. Retire Graham.

Gil Mullins