Now that the open enrollment period has ended for the Affordable Care Act, assessments have begun to determine its level of success. Based on the metrics that have been released by the White House, it appears that despite the rocky rollout, the Act is a resounding success. Eight million Americans signed up for health care coverage through the federal and state exchanges. Another six million have obtained coverage from the expansion of Medicaid in some states or through direct enrollment in health care by other means.

There are still about five million Americans who will lose out on health care coverage due to some states, mostly in the South, that refused to expand their Medicaid program.

Failure to expand the Medicaid program is one of the most callous actions that I have seen in politics in many years. I hope the mid-term elections will give people an opportunity to express their anger when they go to the polls in November.

Of course, Republicans are still beating their chests and proclaiming how bad Obamacare will be for the country. That is the same thing they said about Social Security and Medicare. Can anyone really imagine how the elder citizens of this country would be doing without these two programs? One can only hope that in time, the Republicans will come to their senses and begin to embrace the Affordable Care Act as one of the greatest pieces of legislation to be passed in this country in the last 100 years.

Moses Mims