With the Republican primary quickly approaching, I would like to express my support for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to continue as our senior senator from South Carolina.

He has recognized that he has the dual responsibility of making decisions that consider both the needs of the residents of South Carolina and in a broader sense the needs of the country as a whole. Some criticize Graham’s willingness to work with various constituencies in the Republican Party and across the aisle to achieve workable solutions to critical issues. We elect people to Congress to resolve such issues; not to just make noise and shout “no.”

Through his efforts, he has become a respected senator on many issues (defense, energy, health care and the economy) as evidenced by his many appearances on national television as a spokesperson, often in opposition to President Obama’s policies and initiatives. South Carolina and the country needs to continue to have the intelligent leadership of Graham in the Senate.

Joe Spencer