NORTH AUGUSTA — Bringing a smile on someone’s face after a tragic event is nearly impossible. Especially when it comes at the cost of a child. However, the women of the Sewn Together group at Fairview Presbyterian Church, 1101 Carolina Ave in North Augusta, hope that they can do just that.

Last Tuesday, the group got together to make keepsake bags for University Hospital. The materials were donated by the hospital, and the bags are distributed to the parents who lose an infant to a miscarriage late in pregnancy; a stillborn; or lose the child shortly after birth.

“They put the birth and the death certificates in it, along with a lock of hair if there is one,” Margaret Shearouse, neighborhood group leader, said. “They also try to put in any sort of little keepsake that they may have. We do it sort of like the Lydia Project as well, because we pray over these when we get finished for the families that will receive it. That way they know that there are people who care about them.”

Shearouse said the hospital calls the group whenever they run out of bags, and unfortunately, it is more often than anyone would want it to be. However, every bag is prayed over by the group and the Rev. Dr. Robert Fuller, senior pastor of the church. Shearouse added that the group is an “incredible group of women,” and she started with them five years ago.

“All I had planned to do was open the door and let them in,” she said. “However, they hooked me in. The fellowship gets us through a lot of things, as well. One of the very first projects that I got involved in was for a mission trip my husband and I went on. We take teams down to Honduras and Mexico, and our medical team needed scrubs embroidered. They taught me how to embroider the scrubs, and every medical trip that we take there is something that this group sews.”

Shearouse recalled that there were clothes and blankets that the group has done, in addition to backpacks and pillowcases.

The North Augusta group is also currently looking for new members. They do not have to be from North Augusta or attend the church, Shearouse said, and skill level is not an issue. Project meetings, such as the keepsake bags, are the second Tuesday of every month at the church’s multipurpose room on the lower level of the Fellowship Building.

For more information on the Sewn Together group, call Fairview Presbyterian Church at 803-279-6441

Scott Rodgers is the news editor at The North Augusta Star and has been with the paper since 2013.