According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office:

A Wagener woman reported on Thursday that someone cut the passenger side tires on her Toyota Camry while it was parked outside her home on Holley Street.

A vehicle was reported as having been stolen on Saturday from outside a home on Charles Street in Warrenville.

A Graniteville woman reported on Friday that someone had rummaged through her vehicle while it was parked outside her home on Honors Circle.

An Aiken man reported on Friday that someone removed items from his unlocked truck while it was parked at the American Hearth Inn on Richland Avenue.

A burglary was reported on Friday at a home on Cato Road in Warrenville.

A 40-year-old Aiken man was arrested for criminal domestic violence on Saturday following an incident at a home on End Road. The victim, a 30-year-old woman said the subject, who is her boyfriend, grabbed her by the collar and “pulled her” during an argument. She broke away from the subject and left the house. After she returned, she said the subject pushed her, causing her to strike a chair. The responding officer observed a scratch on the victim's right arm.

An Aiken woman reported on Saturday that a man “presented a handgun” after she found him in the living room of her home on Nondron Street after she heard someone “going through her case of beer.” The man left the scene, but was found later on Moody Street, and he was “highly intoxicated.” After a law enforcement official spoke with him, the subject showed the officer where a pellet pistol, spent casings and four “live rounds” were located. The 51-year-old subject, who lives on Dry Branch Road, was arrested.

An Aiken man, who lives on Wrights Mill Road, reported on Saturday that a woman who was borrowing his vehicle had not returned it by the time she was supposed to have done so. He said when he called the subject about the vehicle, she said she would “run it into a tree.”

A burglary was reported on Saturday at a home on End Road in Aiken.

A Columbia man reported on Saturday that someone had taken his 9-millimeter Ruger pistol from a home on Old Four Notch Road in Ridge Spring.

A North Augusta man reported on Saturday that his handgun was missing from his home on Hawthorne Street.

A Warrenville woman reported on Saturday that her boyfriend damaged items in their home on Minter Avenue in Warrenville after they got into an argument. She said the subject was intoxicated and that he broke a window out of the house's front door; grabbed her purse and broke its handle; threw her game system, causing the case to break and a game in it not to work, and threw her laptop, causing it not to work. She also said that the subject took $80 from her purse. After she left the house for a while, and then returned, she said she discovered that a dresser mirror had been broken.