Filmmakers from Aiken County are making an international impact this month.

The historical documentary film “Discovering Dave – Spirit Captured in Clay” and the “catfish” horror film “The Cabin” will be two of the many movies screened at this year’s Myrtle Beach International Film Festival.

“Films and film makers from around the world will showcase their works, many as a world premiere,” according to the festival’s website.

The festival will run from April 23 to 26 at Carmike Cinema Broadway 17, 1175 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach. All-access passes of $50 are available.

Individual tickets may be purchased at the box office for regular box office prices, as stated on the festival’s website.

“Discovering Dave – Spirit Captured in Clay” shows the story of Edgefield County slave Dave the Potter. Dave lived in the Edgefield County area, according to a release, and pieces of Dave’s pottery have been unearthed at places such as the Savannah River Site.

Discovering such shards led Mark Albertin, an Augusta filmmaker, and George Wingard of the Savannah River Archeological Research Program, on a two-and-a-half year journey of interviewing and researching to tell Dave’s story.

Dave was known for his unusual pottery jugs and writing carved into them – most slaves could not read or write.

Albertin and Wingard’s final product of “Discovering Dave – Spirit Captured in Clay” is scheduled for the 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. slot on April 25.

Midland Valley High School graduate Tommy Faircloth bases his horror flick on likely scenarios.

“The Cabin” is about a young, single girl named Laura.

Laura meets John, a young, single guy, online and becomes so infatuated that she goes with him to his secluded mountain cabin.

“Once at the cabin, she notices a change in her date and begins to wonder if she should have listened to her friend and not gone,” as stated in a release.

“It’s a story that could happen to anyone, and that is what makes it most terrifying,” Faircloth said.

“The Cabin” is scheduled to show at 5 p.m. on April 25, according to a release.

For more information on the festival or to purchase tickets, visit or call 843-497-0220.

Stephanie Turner graduated from Valdosta State University in 2012. She then signed on with the Aiken Standard, where she is now the arts and entertainment reporter.