Will South Carolina Republicans let the increasingly arrogant U.S. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., continue to represent them in the Senate? Or will they vote for one of his authentically conservative challengers on June 10?

The charade has gone on long enough.

Graham spends more time cavorting with John McCain and scheming with John Kerry than he does representing South Carolina. Maybe if he paid more attention to our local concerns, projects such as MOX wouldnít be on a death watch.

And when Sen. Graham does open his mouth, what spews out are tirades against fellow Republicans, kudos for Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, diatribes against free speech, and propaganda for more war and bloodshed in the Middle East.

Grahamís actions are even worse. Support Obamaís liberal appointments to the Supreme Court? Yes. Endorse cap and trade legislation? Yes. End Ted Cruzís filibuster against Obamacare? Yes. And on and on he goes. Yet the greatest irony is that Graham successfully portrays himself as a conservative. This political bait-and-switch, so brazen as to be darkly humorous, is cruelly perpetrated against a trusting electorate.

Maybe Graham thinks that three left turns can substitute for one right turn untaken? Or maybe he thinks that flooding the airwaves with patriotic campaign ads will do the trick. Two decades in Congress is enough time for one man to make his mark. Unfortunately for South Carolinians, Grahamís mark isnít very pretty. Itís time for South Carolinians to retire Graham.

Randy Sullivan