Editor's note: This is the second in a three-part series focused on spring cleaning. Next week's story will focus on recycling. If you recycle your items or reuse them in a creative way, email Stephanie Turner at sturner@aikenstandard.com.

The hunt for the best bargain can often lead shoppers to thrift stores.

One good time to hit up these stores is spring.

“Everyone is starting to go through their stuff,” said Lorry Sightler, owner of Upscale Resale.

Thrift stores can offer up any object for any occasion.

SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare's Aiken County thrift stores and ACTS Resale Store are two local examples that provide customers and donators with ample options.

“We (pretty much) will accept anything,” Jeff Walber, SPCA thrift store area manager, said.

SPCA has stores in Aiken, Edgefield and North Augusta.

Some items that ACTS' Resale Store will accept include “clothes, housewares, shoes, books, small appliances, working computers, dishes, furniture, linens and knick knacks,” according to Karen Perry, ACTS operations manager.

Sometimes, you get something back with your donation.

The SPCA thrift stores offer tax exemptions, Walber said.

If you are looking for some quicker cash, consider consignment.

One store is Upscale Resale on University Parkway.

This store accepts “clothing and accessories for the entire family,” Karlee Sightler, store manager, said.

The only items the store will not accept are men's dress clothes and wedding attire, Sightler added.

When consigning, certain rules and regulations might come into play.

For example, at Return Engagement downtown, clothes must be cleaned, clean-pressed and hung on hangers, according to its website.

As part of the usual consignment arrangement, customers will receive a portion of the profits.

At Upscale Resale, “consignors will receive 40 percent of the selling price of each item before sales tax and buyers fee,” according to the store's contract.

Items not claimed back at consignment shops might be given to charity, said Sightler.

At other stores, unsold items get recycled.

SPCA Albrecht's thrift stores send select objects up to a recycling company in Columbia.

“We recycle clothes, shoes, books and purses we don't use,” Walber said.

If you find either a lot of items or a few large size items that you wish to donate, contact the store to see its policy on item pickups.

Also, when you have a large load, consult the store's policies on whether you need an appointment.

Stephanie Turner graduated from Valdosta State University in 2012. She then signed on with the Aiken Standard, where she is now the arts and entertainment reporter.