According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

A Perry woman reported on Saturday that someone took her lawn mower from her yard on Railroad Avenue.

Two women who live on Windsor Road in Springfield reported on Saturday that someone put a garden hose in the gas tank of a car parked outside of their home and left the hose running. They also discovered a homemade firebomb next to their house.

A North Augusta man reported on Saturday that three unknown subjects took items from his garage on Knollwood Trail without his permission. The responding officer found a pair of pruning shears at the scene that didn’t belong to the victim.

A North Augusta woman reported on Saturday that someone used rocks from a parking lot to break two front windows in a building on Belvedere-Clearwater Road.

An Aiken man reported on Saturday that a woman who owns a house on John Scott Road, where he was living, gave him a $50 bill and a $20 bill that were counterfeit. He said he and another woman were renting a room from the subject, who told them to leave because they had not paid the entire amount of the deposit that they owed. According to the man, the subject gave him $108 in cash before he departed.

A Warrenville man reported on Saturday that two subjects stole $1,000 and a gray pair of Adidas after entering his house on Lady Street through the back door. The man said one of the subjects pushed him and another resident of the house down, pointed a gun at them and told them that if they called the police, they would be killed. Both victims’ shirts were ripped during the alleged attack. One victim had scratches on his chest, and the other had scratches on his chest and arms.

A 59-year-old man who lives on Augusta Road in Beech Island was arrested and charged with third degree assault and battery on Sunday after a 58-year-old woman accused him of grabbing her left arm and pushing her down on a bed during an argument over a television remote in their home. The victim said after the subject let her go, she yelled for help. Then, according to the victim, the subject grabbed her left arm again and held a screwdriver in his right hand above his head. The responding officer observed a bruise on one of the woman’s arms.