The salaries of City officials are posted on the S.C. Ethics Commission website. Every public official and elected official has to file their statement of economic impact every year. That is where you’ll find the salaries.

EBT cards

As a taxpayer, I worry about what people are buying with their EBT cards because they are using money from me and other taxpayers.

When you buy something with an EBT card, you’re using taxpayers’ money. Because of this, the taxpayer should have a say about what can be purchased with EBT.

I was approached by a woman in a parking lot who was trying to sell me her EBT card. She said it had $600 on it and wanted to sell it for $300. Is this legal?

Clean gyms

Does the board of health inspect gyms and rate them by cleanliness? How does that work?

Leave a buggy

If you can drive your car to the store, park, get out, walk in the store, get a buggy and walk all over the store shopping, stand in line, take your buggy back to your car and put your groceries in the car; you can certainly put your buggy back. I have a handicapped sticker and I wouldn’t dream of leaving my buggy.


Where can I get some local honey? I didn’t see any at the farmer’s market.

So convoluted

Could someone please explain why the autos that have items stolen from them while unlocked are classified as “break-ins”? Should it not be “entered without permission” or some other connotation? That just seems so convoluted. The very word “break” itself should rule that classification out. One would also think that this would have some relevance on the insurance determination, if filed. I see this a lot in Aiken, and it always confuses me, not being used to it. I have not seen that in other places I have lived.

Water rate

I can’t believe all the whining and moaning about a small increase in the water rate. You should get down on your knees and thank God we don’t have polluted water like Charleston, W.Va. While you’re at it, thank the City of Aiken.

So rude

To the women at the showing of “Noah,” it was rude to talk throughout the movie and laugh at your phone. We should have had the manager throw you out for ruining the movie. My husband and I paid good money to see it.