I don’t agree with Aiken Standard’s Feb. 24 editorial – Keep lawmakers out of classroom – on college books. I suppose in your liberal minds, it is OK to promote pornography. Enlightenment and understanding of the differences between us is a good thing, but anything can be taken too far. I had to chuckle at the comments that college administrations were more qualified than anyone to pick books for their students. 

Ask a group of college professors to form a commission and review something is like have a group of politicians vote on a raise for themselves. Since you have marked the Aiken Standard now as a liberal paper, it stands to reason you would take this stance.

I am a moderate, but it is very plain to see right now that most colleges are taking very liberal positions, and most professors are teaching their political views even when not a part of the curriculum they are teaching. 

As much money ($18,000 plus at Clemson) as it cost a taxpayer and individuals to send a kid to school, they should stick to the subject they are assigned to teach. I think the arrogant stance they took with S.C. Rep. Garry Smith, R-Greenville, is an indication of a severe problem at colleges.

We don’t have to listen to anyone, and we will do what we want. Tuition has risen so fast that they should be ashamed. How many poor and minority kids are cheated out of an education due to this?

David Cox