A juvenile allegedly broke into a vehicle in the parking lot of the Aiken County courthouse, and it was witnessed by a courthouse deputy, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. on Wednesday outside of the Aiken County Judicial Center on Park Avenue, according to an incident report. A courthouse deputy told officers he saw a boy go inside the trunk of a vehicle in the parking lot and take items from the trunk.

The juvenile then sat on the back seat of a different vehicle, the report stated.

The suspect told officers he took items from the first vehicle that did not belong to him, the report stated.

The juvenile gave the deputy two purses that he took from the vehicle, police said, and the owners of the purses were located. One woman said she was missing loose change from her vehicle, while the other said her phone was missing.

The loose change was located on the floorboard of the vehicle in which the juvenile was seen sitting, police said. The missing cellphone was found in his pocket, the report stated.

The juvenile was charged with breaking and entering an automobile, and because he had cigarettes and lighters on him when he was arrested, he also was charged with minor in possession of tobacco.

Cops: Deputy sees juvenile break into car