These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for April 7, 2014. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the “Crime” tab.

Johnathan Paul Thomas, 35 — possession of marijuana first offense, possession of less than 1 gram of crack cocaine first offense, public disorderly conduct

Judy Hope, 26 — criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

Drew Robertson Harper, 23 — driving under the influence

William Bryan Salley, 28 — driving under the influence third offense, drugs prohibited acts (A)

Michael Anthony Tingle, 19 — shoplifting must appear bench warrant

Matthew Blake Eustace, 21 — malicious injury to animals or personal property injury value $2,000 or less

Andrew Lashawn Green, 26 — failure to pay child support bench warrant, open container of beer bench warrant, criminal domestic violence bench warrant

Travis Regale Markins, 52 — driving under suspension sentence

Andrew Laron Toney, 32 — violation of probation, violation of probation general sessions court bench warrant, speeding bench warrant, driving under suspension commitment

Kisha Lashawn Padgett, 35 — hold per National Crime Information Center for Edgefield County

James Thomas Worthy, 43 — failure to comply with court orders for restitution in the amount of $1,015

Pamela Shannel Powell, 40 — careless drive bench warrant, driving under suspension first offense bench warrant, simple larceny $1,000 or less 13 counts, no proof of insurance bench warrant

Larry Brian Snipes, 40 — possession of a stolen vehicle, simple possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm

Jonathan Kyle Hinson, 25 — financial transaction card fraud value $500 or less in a six month period two counts

Floyd Anthony Burnett Jr., 44 — simple larceny $1,000 or less

Kalynn Emily Robinson, 40 — shoplifting less than $2,000

Terrance Lashawn Dunbar Jr., 17 — assault and battery third degree

Candice Patricia Wise, 28 — violation of probation, trespassing entering premises after warning or refusing to leave on request, family court failure to appear and pay

Robin Lashawn Gilchrist, 28 — shoplifting $1,000 or less

Ronnie Alfonso Cave Jr., 24 — disorderly conduct/gross intoxication, trespassing after notice

Margaret Anna Hankinson, 28 — shoplifting $1,000 or less, possession of a controlled substance first offense

Byron Dion Jackson, 42 — forgery less than $5,000 two counts