An Aiken man was jailed for criminal domestic violence after he assaulted a woman with a knife, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

Ellis Birt, 58, of Union Street, was placed in the Aiken County detention center, where he remained on Friday afternoon.

The incident happened about 10:50 p.m. Wednesday at Birtís home on Union Street, according to an incident report. Birt told officers the woman, whom he knew, came to his home and tried to attack him with a knife after returning the wallet she allegedly stole from him the day before.

Birt said he was able to defend himself and get the knife from the female, police said. He had several small scratch marks on his best and arms that officers said resembled defensive wounds from someone trying to get away from him.

Birt, who appeared very intoxicated, told officers the woman stays at the home, the report stated. The female victim told police Birt gave her money for drugs, and that he attacked her with a knife when she arrived at the home without any money or drugs left.

The victim had lacerations to both arms, her right calf, head and neck, police said. She was transported to a hospital for treatment.