Grimfaced and determined, our politicians stand behind S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley. From our governor, “They’re hurting the people of South Carolina, and we are not going to sit back and take it.”

When it comes to doing harm, we prefer to do it ourselves. This governor and the grim-faced and determined politicians behind her have callously chosen to hurt the people of South Carolina. They refused to take $807 million to cover more poor people under Medicaid, don’t care that our hospitals will lose an estimated $2.7 billion in reimbursement over the next six years, and don’t care that we are letting 200,000 plus of our residents fall into a crack we have created: no federal help with health insurance premiums because Medicaid should be available, and no Medicaid coverage because we made up different rules for eligibility. And, as my representative told me,” It is just politics.”

The MOX facility, which turns weapons-grade plutonium into commercial-grade plutonium, has experienced significant cost overruns. At the moment, there are no end users for this project and none in sight. It has been estimated that the project could cost as much as $30 billion. We are suing the DOE to prevent it from examining less costly alternatives. Apparently federal runaway spending is OK sometimes.

Our governor and the grim-faced and determined politicians behind her have turned their backs on health care for the working poor, turned their backs on our hospitals, and turned their backs on the health care jobs Medicaid expansion would produce.

They are hurting the people of South Carolina and seem perfectly willing to sit back and take it. We need an elected representative to cut through the party line and talking points; to show some character and risk being unpopular. It is never too late to do the right thing.

Fred Kelsven