“Let me know if you need anything,” isn’t something Jeff Howell says to be nice. He means it.

Every time I have mentioned something in passing to Howell, he has remembered. After meeting him at a Parent Teacher Organization meeting at Paul Knox Middle School, he checked up on me often and asked about my classroom and what I needed.

Now that I am an administrator, he continues to ask the same question; “What do you need?” He sincerely wants to know what my teachers need to help their students succeed and has a desire to help get those items into their hands. He has a passion for education and for helping teachers.

He told me about the Project of the Month grant given by Public Education Partners, and so far, I have had four teachers awarded grants. They didn’t all win the Project of the Month though. Ashley Young, our instructional coach, did not win her grant, but that didn’t stop Jeff from fulfilling Ashley’s request.

He took time, on a Sunday even, to find donors to help Ashley get her grant funded. With a little monetary help from St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church and St. John’s United Methodist Church, Ashley can now roam the halls and pop into classrooms to help coach teachers. She uses her iPad to help plan student interventions, videotape lessons and share model lessons with Teachers.

Public Education Partners supports teachers in an exponential way. I have teachers wanting to turn in grants every month. I am so thankful for PEP and for Jeff. I know he’ll never forget a face and he’ll never quit asking, “What do you need?”

Meredith Noland

Assistant Principal, Clearwater Elementary School