PICKENS — Health officials said whooping cough has been reported at two Pickens County schools.

Officials said one case is at West End Elementary and the other at Forest Acres Elementary in Easley.

The Department of Health and Environmental Control said the case at West End Elementary School had possible exposures occurring between March 10 and 21.

DHEC regional medical director Dr. Melissa Overman said the case at Forest Acres Elementary School has possible exposures occurring on or before March 27.

Pickens County Schools Public Information Specialist John Eby said a letter was sent to West End Elementary parents on Friday.

“Whooping cough is also called pertussis. Most children are vaccinated for whooping cough with the DTaP vaccine, but it is still possible that a child who has been vaccinated can contract the disease,” the statement said.

A DHEC letter was being sent to children at Forest Acres Elementary this week.

The letter recommends that any parent with a child who has a cough that become worse should see a doctor.