I was very pleased to learn that my friend and former co-worker has become a candidate to replace Scott Singer as County Council member for District 2.

Camille Furgiuele has been a valued friend who worked with me at the Aiken Regional Hospital as a volunteer.

Let me tell you a bit about the person I know from our work experience together. She is not only efficient, effective and honest, she was always ready to help customers and hospital visitors with a cheerful smile.

She seemed to know what needed to be done and how best to do it. Throughout our working experience together, I was confident that if there was anything that needed doing, She would be there to complete the task above expectations.

I’ve heard it said that if you need something done and done well, give the task to a busy person, since they have already learned how to multi-task effectively.

This is what can be expected with any challenge offered to Camille. As others who know Camille have already written, her resume of past leadership positions in city and local government and the Cedar Creek homeowner’s association more than qualify her for the County Council position.

I would like to add my endorsement to her candidacy and encourage others to get to know Camille leading up to the primary election in June.

Please join me in supporting and electing a great candidate to our Aiken County Council.

Bonnie Fabian