Wonderful concert

The Aiken Concert Band Spring Concert was exceptional. I appreciate the hard work put into this concert. It showed and was such a joy to hear. I look forward to the band concerts at Hopelands this summer.

Shredding paper

You can buy a paper shredder at the store. You’d be surprised at how much fun it is to shred that paper.

Steeplechase woes

To the person who complained about the ticket prices for Steeplechase, I agree wholeheartedly. Being a fairly new resident, I had decided to go this year until I found out the cost of the tickets. My budget could not handle that so decided to skip it. At those prices only the upper middle class and the high class can afford to go.

Crimea River

For those, like myself who have been losing sleep at night wondering if there is a river in Crimea, Ukraine, called “Crimea River;” sorry, but no there is not. I researched it online and found no such river. What a shame as that would have made it much more interesting.

Goose and the gander

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. How can citizens be ticketed for having one headlight? I have seen sheriff’s cars with one headlight. They’re not ticketed. They’re the goose. I’m the gander.

Going to the dogs

I live on golf course. There are 20 homes. All have dogs. Only one dog barks all the time. It is the only one who is left outside all the time. Perhaps that is why it barks all the time. Do the rights of the one homeowner exceed all the rights of the other homeowners? Which owner is the dog lover? Do the other 19 all need to move to the country quiet?

I live next door to someone who has six to eight dogs and they bark 24/7. I have two dogs, and they rarely bark. I am an animal lover, but I don’t love that.