An Aiken man was detained for disorderly conduct after cussing at the driver of the vehicle he rear-ended in a traffic collision on Wednesday, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

Michael Croom was charged with disorderly conduct and following too close. He was placed in the Aiken County detention center, but had been released as of Friday morning.

The collision happened on Rudy Mason Parkway about 7 a.m. on Wednesday after a Chevrolet pickup struck the rear of a Honda car, according to an incident report.

“The driver of the pickup truck then jumped out of his vehicle, ran over to the Honda and attempted to pull the driver out while cussing at him,” the report stated. “The suspect’s daughter was in the passenger seat of the truck crying while her father (suspect) continued to cuss at the driver of the Honda.”

The driver of the pickup, Croom, was loud and boisterous in the roadway, police said. An officer had to physically remove him from the driver’s side of the Honda.

Croom said the other driver cut him off in traffic and repeatedly slammed on the brakes in front of him, causing him to become angry, the report stated. The driver of the Honda was cited for careless driving, but declined to press charges against Croom.