Vandalism was reported after an employee of a contracting company allegedly cut a tree stump into the shape of a penis, according to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident was reported on Ridge Road at Ascauga Lake Road in Graniteville on Wednesday, according to a sheriff’s report. The complainant told officers she saw a truck from a company in the area when she found the stump.

Officers located the stump, which was cut into the shape of a penis with the name “JOE” carved into it, the report stated. Crew members from the contracting business were located on Ascauga Lake Road, and an employee told officers his crew and trucks have not had any pickups on that road.

An officer requested that the employee have someone with a chainsaw cut the stump down, police said. The employee said he would not have a problem doing that, and apologized for “any inconvenience or indecency” by his employer.