Weíre native Aiken Countians. We donít need any more outsiders on County Council. Local people need to be put in office who know what Aiken County needs and wants. What is the Chamber of Commerce doing dilly-dallying into the school system?


People are going to milk the system as long as they can. This is why I object to an extension to unemployment benefits.

A great idea

Lots of people agree that putting MOX on cold stand-by is a great idea.

Local politics

I canít stand it when the Democrats in New Ellenton want someone to vote for them. They donít do anything around here, and you only see them during election time.


I canít understand why, on Croft Avenue and Alderman, there is a pothole large enough to lose a first-grader in. That one was filled in, but there are 15 others around it. Why fill some and leave the others?

Pacer fountain

We need to give thanks for the horse in the fountain at USC Aiken. Itís beautiful. We need more pictures of it.

Clean up litter

I agree with the person dismayed by the trash. The litter in Aiken County is ridiculous. Everyone should go out and help clean it up. Stop being so lazy, and clean up after yourself.

Black truck

The man in the black truck who backed out of a handicapped parking spot and backed into the pedestrian walkway didnít hear the screams.


Jefferson Middle School and Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle School are older than the Aiken school that the School Board is saying is 60 years old. Why isnít there concern for these schools? Aiken High has received enough money that it should be new everywhere. The School Board does a horrible job at keeping up these schools.


We noticed that Hopelands in mulching the downed debris. The article by Rebecca Winans in Mature Times also talks about the use of mulching. It seems that multiple trips to a staging area and then to a landfill would cost more in fuel than to chop the debris in place?