Local crews

It’s pouring rain and the tree debris pick-up crews from other areas are in our neighborhood picking up common area debris. They really hustle and do an excellent job. Where are the “local” City of Aiken crews – haven’t seen anyone from the city in a month. These “local” crews need to observe how people from everywhere else work. They might learn something. They need to get moving. City of Aiken crews are supposed to clear the streets, aren’t they? The question is – when?

A failure

There are many reasons why the Affordable Care Act is a failure. To list them would take up half a page of this newspaper. But the big three reasons are: You can keep your plan if you like it. That’s a lie. You can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. That’s a lie. And the average family will save $2,500. Anything built upon false statements will never succeed. Joe Wilson was right; Obama lied.

Ticket costs

Steeplechase has always been a fun time enjoyed by both young and old, but now the prices are keeping a lot of people from going and planning on going in the future. Think about it: Two years ago, tickets were $10 a piece. Last year that was increased to $15 a piece, and then increased to a whopping $25 a piece this year. A family of five who could enjoy the races and fellowship with friends for $50 total now costs $125, and that doesn’t include parking. Please reconsider your prices for the future of Steeplechase and those who enjoy going.

Snowing in D.C.

It’s snowing so much in Washington, D.C., because God is trying to tell the president there is no such thing as global warning.

Off the radar

If Leavelle McCampbell is 93 years old, the school district has been putting it off the radar for many years.

Tired of Whiskey

It’s nice that we’re getting a Bojangles’ on the Northside, but we need a Checkers and a Chick-fil-A. We have money and want to spend it on our side of town. We’re tired of Whiskey Road.

Save water

I’d like to thank all those in the City who begged us to conserve water. Now, we’re getting a 10 percent increase.