I have read that President Obama is weak and that Obama’s actions may put the U.S. in physical war against Russia because of his stance on Ukraine. I agree with the first point, but I hope the second point will not come true.

I am a Democrat who voted for Obama twice. It seems every day that goes by; I see how stupid the second vote was. What is the old saying, “Fool me once; shame on you, fool me twice; shame on me.” I was fooled by the first vote, I fooled myself with the second vote and now I feel like a bigger fool every day that goes by. To say that Obama is weak and perhaps dangerous to the U.S. economy, probably isn’t too terribly far from the absolute truth. Perhaps I am wrong, but didn’t Katie Couric, CBS news anchor, ask Obama about the unemployment number even before she left CBS? Where exactly did that entire stimulus; tax-payer dollars; go to? How many jobs were created? How many companies took some of this money and then filed for bankruptcy?

As for being weak on foreign policies, how many countries and how many times did these countries CROSS over the so-called “red line”? All of these countries view Obama, Biden and the Democratic Party as weak and as jokes. As for Obama’s actions, getting the U.S. into a physical war against Russia, I believe there are some actions between war and diplomacy, which must be looked at, seriously. Let us look at some history. President Kennedy took a very hard line with the Soviet Union when they tried to put nukes in Cuba. This situation could have easily gone into armed confrontation, but the Soviet Union did not want a war. The Soviet Union saw President John Kennedy as a very strong leader. Now, Putin is seen as a strong leader and the U.S. is not.

In closing, I will say that the Democratic Party must choose a much stronger presidential candidate in 2016.

Tim Bledsoe

North Augusta