According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office:

Burglaries were reported on Saturday at homes on New Holland Road in Wagener and Hollow Creek Road in Perry.

A Beech Island woman reported on Saturday that someone had removed items from a vehicle that was up on blocks in her yard on Heyward Street.

A Graniteville man, who lives on Sudlow Lake Road, reported on Saturday that someone entered his garage, where the door wasn't secured, and dismantled the security system located on the garage's wall.

A woman who lives on Joyner Pond Road in Windsor reported on Saturday that she had lost her credit card and that someone had used it in seven transactions.

A Windsor woman reported on Saturday that someone had removed an item from her yard on Live Oak Drive.

A Windsor man reported on Sunday that someone entered his vehicle without his permission while it was parked at his home on Joyner Pond Road. He said all the vehicle's windows were down and a flashlight that he owned had been turned on and left in the car.

An Aiken man reported on Saturday that someone removed items from outside his house on Hancock Road and cut a lock on a gate used for entering the property.

In an incident reported on Saturday, someone took several items from a vehicle and shattered its driver's side window while it was in a parking lot on Reynolds Pond Road in Aiken.

A 33-year-old Warrenville man was arrested for possession of drugs at the Aiken County Detention Center on Wire Road on Saturday. He had a bag containing four white pills and one green pill. The white pills were believed to be carisoprodol, and the green pill was believed to be clonazepam.

A Beech Island man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance on Saturday after he was found in a vehicle that had been reported as having been stolen. An officer spotted the vehicle traveling on Sudlow Lake Road in Graniteville toward Jefferson Davis Highway and conducted a traffic stop after it pulled into the driveway of a residence on Crystal Springs Road. The driver, a white male, fled the scene, running behind the house. The officer found a small clear plastic bag with a crystal-like translucent substance in the front passenger area of the vehicle, where the Beech Island man was sitting. That subject said he was being given a ride by the vehicle's driver, who never mentioned that the vehicle had been stolen. The officer also found a wallet containing a driver's license and a checkbook in the vehicle that weren't owned by the Beech Island man.

In an incident reported on Saturday, someone climbed through a side window of a business on Jefferson Davis Highway in Beech Island, kicked in a rear office door and rummaged through the office's contents. However, nothing appeared to be missing.