Why do we need the MOX plant? To satisfy the people with nuclear phobia. Can they be satisfied? No. What is a phobia? An irrational, excessive, and persistent fear of some particular thing or situation. What chance does a proposition based on sound technical parameters have against physics ignorance and mistrust? None.

Will there be any waste from the MOX Plant? Yes. What do we (imperial we Ė U.S. society) do with it? Maybe the same thing we will do with the waste from the Defense Waste Processing Facility plant, keep it. Why, because nobody else wants it, not even Nevada, where the U.S. government built the Yucca Mountain waste storage facility. Are we happy? No.

What do I propose? Build the equivalent of a Fort Knox storage facility (good enough for gold) for the storage of the plutonium-239 at the Savannah River Site, Fort Jackson or use a basement vault in the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, D.C. Plan on using the plutonium sometime in the future when the population is more rational. It could be used for its explosive power to move mountains or build another Panama Canal. Is there a radiation hazard with this? Yes, but less than it was to both cities in Japan where the two atomic bombs during World War II were used, which are now larger and thriving, or the 30 some tested above ground in Nevada.

How much would this cost? Who knows, the nuclear phobias are hard to satisfy. A wild guess on my part is that it would be much less than finishing the MOX plant, operating the plant and taking care of the waste. We would lose the revenue from the sale of the fuel to a buyer, which we donít currently have. We have been searching for some years now. Would this break our promise to Russia? Yes. Do I worry about that? No, John Kerry and President Obama have an understanding with Putin.

Gil Mullins