According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Department:

Three Graniteville residents, all residents of Rockwell Court, reported on Friday that someone broke into their vehicles and stole several items.

Three more car break-ins were also reported on Friday by residents of Village East Circle in Graniteville.

A caller reportedly contacted Leavelle Campbell Middle School on Friday and said she saw a Facebook post about a shooting at the school. Several units showed a police presence at the school for the remainder of the day and reported no incidents.

A Graniteville woman reported on Friday that she and her children’s father got into a verbal altercation over the children. The father shoved her which prompted her to call the police.

A Clearwater woman reported on Friday that two subjects approached her property on Westminister Way and stole a moped.

A Warrenville woman reported on Friday that someone broke into her home on Whaley Street. She said the two fled from the house when she arrived home and left in their car.