The Aiken County feline adoption shelter, or C.A.T.S. – Cats at the Shelter, has moved. We’re now at the new animal shelter located at 333 Wire Road.

Many “thank you’s” are in order. Just to name a few: Nathan Stewart, Frank Boyd and his team of Brian and Bobby Mitchum for the site prep work; for the demolition team, Daniel Vine, Doug Wolf and Timothy Wolf. Also thanks to Ken Williams and Fred Joyner for the utility disconnects.

The loading and moving of the five-ton building was handled by retiree Mike Hampton and his worker, Mike Shipp. What an excellent job they did.

Once the building was in its new location, John Page connected the plumbing and installed a water heater. We now have hot water. Fred Joyner completed the remainder of the utilities. The Brian Mitchum and Bobby Mitchum team sealed the state of the art outdoor cat cage to the relocated building, and it looks first class.

Thanks again to Nathan Stewart and his superintendant, Roger Williams, who assisted with the utility start-up. John Dyches and his Aiken County maintenance crew have built a new handicap ramp to the building entry. Thank you all.

Ernie Wolf