Molly Spearman, an educator with more than 35 years experience, has announced her candidacy for State Superintendent of Education.

We are excited about the possibilities South Carolina public education has with Molly at the helm because we know her to be a relational leader, one who will take a team approach to move our students and S.C. education forward.

Having served as a teacher, principal, legislator and deputy superintendent, Spearman brings multiple perspectives to the role of superintendent and will reach out to parents, students, educators and community leaders to make informed decisions about what is best for S.C. Molly has shown great determination and enthusiasm for making a difference in the lives of others. Her level of commitment to education provides a source of renewal and energy for those serving around her. People willing to invest themselves improve the quality of their lives as well as the world around them.

We are fortunate to have a committed individual such as Spearman because she not only serves others, but motivates others to make a difference as well.

Jason Fulmer

2004 South Carolina Teacher of the Year

North Augusta

Ann Marie Taylor

2008 South Carolina Teacher of the Year