I would like to commend the Aiken Standard for printing the article ďGive him your kidneyĒ in the March 13 edition of the paper. The selfless act of kindness that is being undertaken by Pam Ochiltree to donate one of her kidneys to Corey Hymon is very inspirational.

Pamís selflessness is an illustration of how human beings should interact with each other. When we peel back the external characteristics of race and gender, we find that we are genetic creations that are not that much different from one another. The fact that Pam is a match for Corey, but not her sister, confirms that we are very closely related, even outside of oneís racial or gender group.

I would like to extend my thanks to Pam for being a role model for the rest of us. Pam is guided by a very strong spiritual faith, but for those of us who may not be as strong spiritually as Pam, we are still capable of following Pamís example. We just have to care about our fellow humans.

We must show compassion and support for our poor brothers and sisters, the disabled and the elderly citizens who have given so much to make America what it is today. Letís not ascribe our own prejudices to these people and assume that we can explain or even understand their circumstances.

Best wishes to Pam for a speedy recovery after the surgery, and best wishes to Corey for a successful transplant. Letís also hope that Pamís sister will continue to do well with her transplanted kidney.

Moses Mims