A large gathering of pastors and congregational leaders are meeting at St. John’s United Methodist Church in downtown Aiken today.

The meeting has been happening since Tuesday.

Included in the attendance is Bishop Jonathon Holston, as well as the members of the extended S.C. United Methodist Cabinet. The conference is being led by Dr. Kennon L. Callahan.

His 20th book, “Living in Peace,” has just been published.

It is filled with tales of people who have traveled through his life, bringing peace, he said.

Callahan taught for many years at Emory University. His research travels have led him to all of the states of the United States, all of the provinces in Canada, the Arctic, most of Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, Brazil and Antarctica. He is best known for his groundbreaking “Twelve Keys to an Effective Church,” which is used widely throughout the world in Christian churches and gatherings.

The Rev. Dr. George Howle, head pastor of St. John’s, hosted the event.