As a rule, I don’t read the write-ins in the TalkBack section because I think you should add your name when you have something to say about someone, but I did see the March 6 submission titled “America in decline.”

It pretty much laid all the blame for our troubles on President Barack Obama. Let’s take a look a little more closely. When former President George W. Bush took over from Bill Clinton, the U.S. Treasury was full of money and a plan in place to pay off the national debt in 8 years.

The money was spent (on the rich, of course), and we’re in a war in Afghanistan. That didn’t suit him so he started a war in Iraq, costing a lot of lives and money. The economy was in terrible shape, GM and Chrysler facing bankruptcy along with the banking industry. Couldn’t get much worst.

By the way, I sent a letter to the editor Dec. 11, 2011 titled “Bush years root of problem” and the fact our country was heading down the road to become a third world country. Look around our area, the old standby Sears is leaving us. The decline is well on its way.

Jim McGaughy