Intersection danger

Is anything being done to improve these intersections deemed dangerous?

Forks and spoons

Fewer forks and spoons mean fewer fat people. People use forks and spoons to get fat. It shouldnít be that hard to understand.

Lost your number

I lost the phone number of the woman with the Victoria doll at the Women of Woodside sale. I think you have my phone number.

Water rate increase

Iím so upset that the City of Aiken wants to increase the water rates. In my house, if I canít make budget, I have to make cuts somewhere. I will have to do this when the City raises the rates. The City should make cuts somewhere else.

The City Council should put some of its projects on hold rather than raise the water rates. We canít afford the increase

I understand the City of Aiken wants to raise the water rate, but it is expecting the citizens to use the water year-round. When itís raining, you donít need to water your lawn. If we are in a drought, will it then lower the rates?

Gas prices

Just because all these people are coming into town with horses, the gas prices have gone up.

Happy actress

Iím so happy actress Jennifer Lawrence is successful. Her honesty and sincerity of soul is refreshing. She is rare, and I pray for her divine guidance and continued success. Her YouTube funny moments beat most comediennesí routines.

Pay it forward

Thank you, to the gentleman who paid for dinner for my husband and I. It was my husbandís 54th birthday. We were shocked and surprised and wanted to say thanks. We will pay it forward.

An article on page 1A of Sundayís edition incorrectly reported which U.S. president signed the MOX agreement with Russia. It was President Bill Clinton.

An article on page 3A of Sundays edition incorrectly reported the date of the Pickens-Salley Symposium would be on Tuesday. It will be held on Tuesday, March 25. The Aiken Standard regrets the errors.