Spring break

Last year, during spring break, first lady Michelle Obama, daughters, mother and assorted cousins went to Africa at taxpayers’ expense. After a couple of token “official” appearances, the family then went on a private safari, which was obviously the true nature of the trip. Now we learn Michelle, daughters, mother and who knows how many other mystery guests are going to China during spring break. It’s a critically important trip because Michelle is scheduled to speak to a couple of schools about the importance of education. To Chinese students. Oh, the irony. Shall we start a pool on where the next “critical” appearance will be next year?

Gun law

While I agree with your recent editorial calling for eight hours of concealed-carry training, it doesn’t go far enough. In one’s private home, the level of training needed is up to the individual and their family. In public, the level of training is of concern to us all. An inadequately trained individual attempting to confront a criminal could well result in an even greater threat to bystanders – a gunfight takes two gun-toting individuals. The law should enhance public safety, not jeopardize it.

Storm cleanup

If we hadn’t gotten any cleanup until four or 10 days later, people would have blamed Obama.

Deadbeat dad

If a deadbeat dad is a felon, they’ll come back and pay their child support. They’ll stop running to avoid responsibility.

Second chance

If you don’t have a felony on your record for seven years, it should be automatically erased. It’s hard for them to get jobs. God gives everyone a second chance.

Giant pothole

Pine Log Road is turning into a giant pothole. I’m tired of driving on it and seeing it get worse and worse. It’s tearing up my vehicle. We pay taxes. It should be fixed.

New booklet

Aiken County needs to publish a new Aiken County government booklet for people to pay their taxes. We need to know their phone numbers and where they’re located in the new complex.

Barking dogs

People should put up their dogs when they continue to bark. It is not fair to the neighbors for them to bother the whole neighborhood. You should train them better, and people should be more responsible. You need to teach it to shut up when necessary. It’s not user-friendly to let it bark for 45 minutes.