This country put a man on the Moon and brought him home. We invented and gave to the world industries based on satellites and proven space science. President Barack Obama canceled the most ambitious parts of this proven science. Perhaps he needed the money for Obama-phones.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of competent, dedicated scientists, technicians and workmen proved over many years that the science developed at SRS is genuine, viable and a national asset. It helped win the Cold War and has made real contributions to our national well-being. Obama wants to mothball the MOX effort, one of the Site’s major projects. Perhaps he needs the money to expand food stamps.

But never fear, our Scientist-in Chief has embraced the pseudo-science of Al Gore and his phalanx of tin-foil hat wearing climate change crusaders who seem to believe that being loud and making unfounded and unproven proclamations is a reasonable substitute for real science. It seems that Obama has plenty of money to nurture this fallacy. How’d we get in this mess?

George Heh