Bi-Lo Holdings' public relations agency has confirmed that Aiken's York Street Bi-Lo will not close but instead will move into the York Street Reid's location.

It will be Reid's that will close.

In a Feb. 25 press release, Bi-Lo Holdings announced it was closing 13 Bi-Lo, Harveys, Reid's, Sweetbay and Winn Dixie stores across South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

The press release included the July 12 closing of the Bi-Lo located at 1149 York St. in Aiken but did not mention the nearby Reid's store at 1048 York St.

The company's PR agency, St. John & Partners, elaborated on the move and said it is part of the company's effort to retire the Reid's banner name.

“In October, we announced our intention to retire the Reid's banner name and convert Reid's stores to BI-LO stores,” said Kelly Bell, communications manager for the PR agency. “Exact store schedules and timelines for conversions have not been released yet. We anticipate conversions will begin as early as March 22 and should be complete by May 31.”

The Aiken Standard will continue reporting on the situation throughout the day.