Clean it up

Aiken Estates and all those roads off Two Notch, Audubon, Houndslake and many other neighborhoods in Aiken need to be cleaned up. This is not a situation unique to Gem Lakes.

Stroke of genius

We just saw the Heart Board’s benefit production, “The Last Mulligan,” and thought it was the best production of anything we have seen in Aiken for the past 14 years we have lived here. The cast was marvelous, and Jim Moore’s writing of the storyline and directing were a stroke of genius.


After reviewing the history of the existing primary contractor at SRS (SRNS); the principal is weak in aging “operationally sustaining” nuclear environments. New construction or nuclear waste handling are accolades. A severe weakness in critical nuclear operational projects was identified. Anonymously and respectfully, the name of the corporation is omitted.

Wood chipper

Would it be possible for the County and City to bring a wood chipper truck to the piles of debris? Some of us would be willing to pay to have to limbs reduced into mulch. There are lots of places to use the mulch to cover the bare spots. This would help the landfill.


Aiken’s current interaction with FEMA is prime evidence of the evils of big government. FEMA should let the citizens of our great city solve our own problems and pay for it ourselves.


I read a TalkBack that stunned me. A resident of Aiken actually said that we should be grateful for President Barack Obama because he is the reason that the power was fixed so quickly in Aiken. Apparently, this individual has drank deeply of the Kool-Aid laced with a double dose of unbelievable ignorance. Does this person actually believe that Obama cares in the least about the welfare of Aiken and its residents?


Does the individual who wrote in TalkBack actually believes that President Barack Obama is the reason power was restored to Aiken residents so quickly? Anyone with common sense knows that the notion is simply false. The power was restored quickly for one reason only. The efforts of local and imported power transmission personnel working themselves to the point of exhaustion. Praising Obama for things he has no part in does not serve to exalt him in any way. Frankly, this notion of the president being praised for inaction is offensive.