An Aiken man was reportedly drunk when he shoplifted beer from a store on Richland Avenue, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

George Griffin, 65, was charged with shoplifting, disorderly conduct, trespass after notice and a bench warrant for trespass after notice.

He was placed in the Aiken County detention center, where he remained on Thursday.

Officers were called to a drug store on Richland Avenue about 9:20 p.m. on Wednesday after a man tried to steal several bottles of beer by hiding them in the pockets of his jacket.

He returned four bottles and exited the store, then went to a nearby grocery store, police said.

Officers found the man inside the grocery store, the report stated. He smelled strongly of alcoholic beverage, was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech, police said.

While arresting Griffin, police were told by dispatch that he was on trespass notice for the grocery store and had an active warrant on him.

During a search, officers found a bottle of beer in his jacket, which was later found to be stolen from the drug store, police said.

Cops: Allegedly drunk man shoplifts beer