Aiken Public Safety officers pulled a man out of the ceiling of the local Department of Juvenile Justice office in Kalmia Plaza this morning.

Police arrested Charles Joseph Blair IV, who was charged with second degree burglary, according to officers. The man apparently broke in through a window at about 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, and was removed from the ceiling at about 10 a.m. this morning.

The reason for why he broke into the office is unknown at this time. According to Aiken Public Safety Lt. Bryan Mills, the man was tired and “very willing” to come down from the ceiling but only had a few cuts and scrapes.

Gary Cates, an administrative specialist with the department, found the broken glass when coming into the office this morning and said that he reviewed the security tapes but was unaware the man was still in the building.

He called Aiken Public Safety, and they later informed staff that the man was still in the building and was right over their heads.

“It’s a little unnerving because we have people who work after hours and come in early,” Cates said. “It’s definitely a safety concern.” The Aiken Standard will have more on this story in tomorrow’s edition.