An Augusta woman allegedly used three juveniles to help her shoplift from a store in Aiken Mall, and then left the juveniles on the scene, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

The incident happened at Belk in Aiken Mall about 8:40 p.m. on Saturday, according to an incident report. The 25-year-old suspect and three juveniles allegedly placed clothing and shoes into a shopping cart in the store. The woman then exited the door toward the parking lot and entered a black Honda Accord, which she then pulled up to the store entrance.

The suspect reentered the building, signaled for the three juveniles to take the shopping cart of merchandise to the vehicle and then started speaking with the manager, the report stated. While she spoke with the manager, one of the three juveniles pushed the cart out the door and began loading the merchandise into the vehicle.

The suspect quit speaking with the manager and went outside to the car with the three juveniles, police said. The manager told her she needed to stay on site until law enforcement arrived, at which point the suspect became disgruntled and said “she did not have anything to do with the shoplifting.” She then got into the vehicle and fled the scene, leaving the three juveniles on scene.

The three juveniles were taken to Aiken Public Safety headquarters, where they were released to their guardian. The report did not indicate their relationship to the suspect.