Debris pickup

It’s a shame that a two-lane highway has turned into a one-lane road because of all the trees and debris in the roads in Crosland Park. You need to get FEMA in here.

The article on Thursday mentioned the state had done a debris pickup from state roads in Aiken County, but did not mention a timeline for additional pickups. How long do we have to get it out to the road?


Unless there is fracking in South Carolina, there is nothing to be done about earthquakes. They must have been sleeping in science class.

FEMA assistance

People seem to know that FEMA is in Aiken, but no one knows what they’re doing. Hopefully, they’re here to give money to those who can’t afford tree removal.

Grocery store

I was sad to hear that the Northside grocery store is closing. It’s good that there are options on this side of town now. Soon, it won’t be that way.

Pick up sticks

Aiken, with assistance of Winter Storm Pax, may make the “Guinness Book of World Records” for “the largest game of pick up sticks.”

Buried lines

There have been two or three comments stating that the utility lines should be buried in Aiken to solve another ice storm problem. Well, I live in an area where they are underground, and my power still went off, twice. They are forgetting about the supply lines. Every single line would have to be buried to keep it from happening, and that would cost millions, if not billions. It’s just not that simple.

Hitchcock Parkway

Some recent TalkBacks make the assertion that people are against widening the parkway only for selfish reasons. That is not the case. I, as well as many people I know, am against the widening even though we will not be personally affected by it. Right now, the parkway has a certain wild beauty that will be destroyed when there are retaining walls and concrete everywhere. I love Aiken and don’t want to see a big, ugly, unnecessary scar across the Southside.

Breakfast angel

Thanks to the gentleman who bought me breakfast last Saturday. I enjoyed our conversation, and I’m glad you’re blessed. Thanks for the breakfast. I’ll pass it on.

Smiling faces

I would like to thank my neighbor and his son for cutting up my fallen trees and putting them on the street. There are caring people in Aiken and smiling faces.