USC Aiken freshman Rebecca Beaudry went training level with her 15-year-old off the track Thoroughbred Saturday at the Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials.

However, the biology major was recognized this past year for her efforts, winning the Charles Owen Technical Merit Award at the United States Eventing Association’s Meeting of Members and Year-End Awards Dinner.

The horsewoman has only been eventing for the past three years, taking up the sport after relocating to Aiken from Rhode Island, but Aiken’s horse-friendly community has proven to be more than beneficial to the rider.

“I’m really happy with how it’s going,” said Beaudry. “Aiken has provided me the opportunity to event with some of the upper level riders.”

Beaudry rides with Wheeler Equestrian’s Ray Wheeler, but the eventer’s horse trainer isn’t the only individual or entity that’s had a positive influence on the horsewoman.

“USC Aiken has been really helpful in establishing a good career for me and my horse,” said Beaudry, who had a background in equitation before transitioning to eventing. “Ray Wheeler has been great in pointing me in the right direction.”

The bond between Easy Flight, or Jerry as he’s known around the barn, and Beaudry continues to get stronger.

“I trust him to do anything,” said Beaudry. “I got him three years ago. He brought me from beginner noivce all the way to schooling prelim. He’s awesome. He’ll teach you anything.”

But the helmet Beaudry received at the annual USEA meeting wasn’t the first one she was awarded in 2013. Beaudry procured her initial Charles Owen helmet at Paradise Farm as she won an award for technical merit.

Jerry is an outstanding jumper, and as Beaudry says, “He knows his stuff.”

“We’ll move up to prelim soon,” said Beaudry. “He’s great in stadium. You just really have to be there for him and kind of put him in the right direction. But if you have the right canter and the right line, he’s just going to carry you right over the fences. He’s quite talented. He just soars over everything.”