Liberal viewpoints

I just read in the Textbook Debate that said colleges are supposed to cover all the viewpoints? Seems like they cover all the liberal viewpoints. Where is all the balanced debate about creation, when life begins? Do most public schools and colleges today really want students to think for themselves and form their own opinions, or do they try to make students believe in the liberal agenda that is being taught?

Fire hazards

There are many lots in Aiken that are now fire hazards. Arenít property owners supposed to take care of their properties?

Eat cake

Itís time to eat cake now that a loaf of bread is costing more than a pound cake.

Clean it up

The City of Aiken needs to stop worrying about cleaning up downtown and worry about cleaning up Gem Lakes because itís so bad.

Local companies

Why is it we can get all of the out of state tree companies knocking on our door looking for work, but we canít get a local company to return our phone calls? We want to work with a local business. What gives?

Sick joke

After all that weíve been through from the ice storm, I have to know is this earthquake a sick joke?

For sale

I placed a for sale sign on a public street corner. I discovered it was someoneís yard. I apologized. They took my sign and wouldnít give it back. That is so mean of them.

Godís earthquake

I think we need to talk to God about the earthquakes, not the government. He designed the earth.

The earthquake is Godís doing. He controls the whole universe and there is nothing man can do about it.

Cutting trees

The people who donít want trees cut must want to be without power and lose all the food in their refrigerator.

I donít understand these people who complain about the power companies cutting the limbs away from power lines. They want the power lines under the ground, but when you dig a ditch you have to cut the treeís roots. This will kill the whole tree.

Increased prices

I was disappointed to see that the prices for the Aiken Spring Steeplechase have increased.

Red light

Itís funny that a red light can be put on the Aiken Augusta Highway but we canít get one on Whiskey Road. Someone is going to get killed and the City is responsible.