Gun permits

In order to get a gun permit, you have to have a background check and once that is passed, you have to go to an 8-hour training course and fire 50 rounds and hit the target. People are worried about the concealed weapon because they canít pass the test. What about all the people who have guns and are concealing them and have never passed a background check.

Tree trimming

These do-gooders who always complain about the trees being trimmed will hopefully understand why itís done now. If you have a water oak, you need to trim them. They are going to fall on someones house. These trees need to be trimmed and cared for all year long, not just when something bad happens.


If you donít like the limbs in the street, you should stop and move them. They will pick them up. Maybe not on your schedule because we had a lot of damage. If you get donít like it, get out and work.


The Board should look at textbooks and avoid having them in the classrooms. Especially in higher education. They need to be especially sensitive to the freshmen who are required to take these classes.

TV worth watching

Itís so great with the TV off I may never turn it back on. The only things worth watching are ďJudge JudyĒ and ďDr. Phil.Ē


Iím all for people cleaning up the branches and limbs after the ice storm, but they shouldnít be burning. Itís 6 p.m. and itís so smokey you canít see. Something must be done about this. People have breathing problems.


God is the one in control of the earthquake. The government has no control over the earth. Donít people know anything about God?


I would like to remind everyone that our President, Barack Obama, deserves a lot of the credit for restoring power back to the Aiken area. Without his declaring this a federal disaster area, we would still be without power. So thank you, Mr. President, for helping out those who need it, even when they do nothing but criticize you for trying to improve our country.


America is full of uneducated people. They have forgotten what it took to build this nation and how much sacrifice was given to preserve it. Now, most people want something for nothing, like they deserve it. It is so sad to see what has happened to our country.