Business sense

The School Districtís participation in Project Jackson was a sound business decision. The District expects to receive more than $3 million in new revenue for participating in the TIF over 15 years, then approximately $1 million per year thereafter. Without the Districtís participation, Project Jackson was not viable. In other words, the additional revenue would not exist, and the District would continue to receive approximately $3,000 in property taxes per year on the undeveloped property. What makes more business sense Ė $3 million over 15 years or $45,000 over 15 years?


I donít believe Gov. Nikki Haley is correct in politically denouncing unions in our state. It is a free country, and people should have a right to choose for themselves. I am not advocating for or against unions.


If you take the guns away from the good, law-abiding citizens, the only people who have guns will be the crooks.

Owls in Aiken

I enjoyed the front page article about the owls and owl cam at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center. Iíve watched birds in Aiken County for 22 years and have seen plenty of barred, great, horned and eastern screech owls, but never a barn owl. Does anyone know the location of a barn owl in Aiken County?

Brain games

How many times has tritium been shut down in the canyon? There should be a reference to a Rubikís Cube in every story. I have only ever seen it once. You can also mention Jenga and the Simon puzzle.

Road widening

It might make sense to widen Belvedere Clearwater Road, but not to five lanes.