Concealed carry

For everyone saying they wonít frequent places that allow concealed weapons, I wonder how many people are carrying concealed illegally that you donít even know about.

Retired people

The retired people in Aiken need help. They are not loading up trees and taking them to Graniteville. The elderly need help. This is insane. There is millions of dollars in damage. The National Guard should be out here helping the retired people.

Water rate increase

The City of Aiken must find a way to hold down water rates for its customers. The fact that high rainfall and low customer usage translates into a rate increase Ė just as dry conditions and high customer usage of water also cost more Ė is not a valid point. I realize that fixed costs are there and must be dealt with. We have smart people in positions of authority, and itís time we collectively investigate other avenues of revenue. Many people are stretched to the limit financially. Please take a close look at this process, as both City and County water customers are being pushed to the limits. We need more public input. Raise the water rates? Are you serious?

Parkway widening

Some recent TalkBacks and editorials make the assertion that people are against widening Hitchcock Parkway only for selfish reasons. That is not the case. I, as well as many people I know, am against the widening even though we will not be personally affected by it. Right now, the parkway has a certain wild beauty that will be destroyed when there are retaining walls and concrete everywhere. I love Aiken and donít want to see a big, ugly, unnecessary scar that has not been adequately justified.

Work ethic

I would like to thank the newspaper carriers for braving the hazardous conditions to deliver the paper. Their work ethic is an example that should be emulated throughout the country. Good job.

Funeral home

We would like to thank the funeral home for the wonderful job it did in performing the service of our loved one. We were treated with warmth and compassion and made to feel like family.

Ice storm help

Thank you, Aiken Department of Public Safety, for all the help you gave during the ice storm. We are so proud to have compassionate men and women as angels to our citizens in need. May God bless you and keep you well always.