I donít care if people are gay or not. I have a problem with the Grammys Ė a program to honor musical achievement Ė promoting a social agenda such as gay marriage. The Grammys are supposed to be about the music.


There was a lack of leadership during this storm. Where was the leadership, what were they doing and whatís the plan?

Pants on the ground

It is disgusting to see people in stores mopping the floors with pants beneath their bottoms.


South Carolina senators should be appointed by the governor. Sen. Scott is a good example.

Positive things

I would like to say I appreciated the article on the positive things that happened because of the storm.

Bury the lines

The power companies murdering the trees did nothing to keep the power on. Murdering the trees isnít helpful. We need to bury the lines.


The Almanac is not a weather Bible. Think spring.

Pay it forward

I would like to thank the man who paid for my lunch the other day. I will certainly pay it forward.

Worked tirelessly

To all the generous people who helped and supported all of us during the ice storm, you worked tirelessly behind the scenes to restore power, food and roadways. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Iíd like to thank the humane education volunteers. They do a great job going into local classrooms and teaching children how to care for animals and have respect for wildlife.

Hospice nurse

A special thank you to a hospice nurse for caring for my wife. Your nursing skills, combined with your compassion, guided me and my wifeís two sons through the toughest day of our lives, and we couldnít have done it without you.

Loving kindness

I would like to thank my pastor and his wife for all the loving kindness they shares with the community.